Bearpaw Boots Create a New Fashion Trend

12 Dec

Wearing something different, stylish and quality footwear along with latest clothing is a dream of every women. However, different types of footwear items are available for them, but wearing boots is a unique experience for them. When it comes to boots for women, Bearpaw boots always comes first in mind.
As far as the Bearpaw boots are concerned, market places are flourished with a variety of colours, designs and shapes of boots and sandals. Some of the globally renowned bearpaw boots are Ashland boots, women’s T410 boot, M410, M405, 419 Demi boot, peron boot, Kaska boot and a number of others. It is said about these globally renowned footwear that they are the best friend of stylish women. And without having these boots, their wardrobe is considered as empty. It is a fact that these boots have really changed the way of fashion among women. These all weather boot keep the wearers’ feet warm and cosy as well.

There is an interesting story behind the inception of Bearpaw boots. The idea of making them came in the mind of Tom Romeo with an aim to redefine the way casual shoes were crafted. It was his dream to bring in sheepskin as well as other natural fabrics for designing and creating the truly unique boots that would not find anywhere else. Why he wanted to use sheepskin because regulated the body temperature that in turn helps in keeping feet cool by keeping the cold out.


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